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- Do I meet the requirements to qualify for an E.I. claim?

- How might my qualification for E.I. be affected if I voluntarily leave a job (quit) or have been dismissed from a job (misconduct)?

- Do I qualify for special E.I. benefits: maternity, parental, sickness, compassion?

- How do I qualify to receive E.I. benefits if I want to upgrade my education or training?



With your written consent we are authorized to contact Service Canada or other third parties directly to make necessary enquiries regarding your E.I. claim.

We can take direct action on your behalf to help you establish or finalize an E.I. claim.


- you are not able to get information or understand the information made available to you about your E.I. claim when you call a Service Canada Call Centre officer on the 1-800-206-7218 contact number.

- a decision on your E.I. claim has not been made in the 28 day processing period standard that Service Canada states as their claim processing objective.

- a previous employer has not or is not cooperating in meeting their obligation to provide you a Record of Employment in the required seven days after your separation from that employer.

- if necessary information and documents are missing from your E.I. file we can determine what information may be required to establish your E.I. claim.


Appeal Representation

We are authorized to provide representation in appeals of your E.I. decision by Service Canada.


This can be a two step process.

Step 1 - Request for Reconsideration:

If you have a decision of the Employment Insurance Commission/Service Canada which says they won’t pay you E.I. benefits we can file a Request for Reconsideration to require the Employment Insurance Commission/Service Canada to review your decision if we deem the decision of Service Canada to not be correct in fact or law.

A Request for Reconsideration must be registered within thirty days of Service Canada notifying you that your claim will not be allowed.


- disqualification from E.I. benefits for quitting a job “without just cause” as determined by Service Canada

- disqualification for being dismissed from a job due to your own “misconduct” as determined by Service Canada

- disentitlement because Service Canada has determined that you are not fully available to seek work

- disentitlement because Service Canada has decided that you are not making enough or reasonable contacts with employers to find work 

- delayed or late applications for benefits, Reconsiderations, or E.I. Social Security Tribunal appeals

- issues of self-employment or income from other sources while receiving E.I. benefits.

Step 2 - Appeals to the E.I. Division of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada:

If your Request for Reconsideration is denied we will review the decision by Service Canada for a possible appeal.

If we believe the Reconsideration decision is not correct in fact or E.I. law:

We can file an appeal on your behalf as your representative.

We will file an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal E.I. Division.

We will act as your representative directly in your appeal hearing before the Social Security Tribunal. 



If you need assistance or information as a result of your unemployment we can advise you of other agencies, organizations, or government departments that could be of assistance.

We provide our E.I. services throughout the province of Saskatchewan and have a large data base of organizations across the province that we can refer our callers/clients to.


- referrals for Career Services/SaskJobs: education, training, and career counselling opportunities through our partnership with Career Services/SaskJobs

- local employment assistance agencies

- temporary financial assistance options

- mental health or addiction services

- housing services

- immigration services

- Occupational Health and Safety/Worksafe Saskatchewan

- Employment Standards Saskatchewan

- Saskatchewan WCB and Office of the Workers Advocate

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