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Consent For Service

Please contact our regional offices to speak to our staff for information regarding our requirements for consent for provision of our E.I. services.

We require our clients to complete our registration form, Individual's Consent To Disclosure, which authorizes us to act on your behalf to provide E.I. claimant services.

Please click on the picture to download the UWHC Individual's Consent To Disclosure form PDF.

To protect your personal information we will phone you directly to get personal information; your SIN and birth date to add to our file. We require that information for our security clearances with E.I./Service Canada to act for our clients.

Services may include: accessing individual claimant information from Service Canada, claim advocacy, filing a client’s Request for Reconsideration, and filing and representing clients in appeals to the E.I. Division of the Social Security Tribunal.  

The UWHC is a funded agency of the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training (ICT), Career Services, contracted to provide E.I. information, advocacy, and representation to Saskatchewan E.I. claimants.

We ask our clients to register with ICT Career Services, Hosted Contact Centre (HCC) at toll-free number: 1-800-613-0485. 

The HCC provides the client with a personal ID number which is used as a file identifier and to verify provision of services to the client by the UWHC.

The registration with Career Services allows the person to access the full range of career and employment services through Career Services and SaskJobs.

All personal information provided for our services is strictly confidential.

ESDC Consent To Disclosure Form

The ESDC Consent to Disclosure form below is required by the advocates in our offices to request and discuss information on your EI claim file with the Regional Enquiry Unit of Service Canada.

ESDC Consent to Disclosure Form.jpg

Please click on the picture to download the ESDC Consent to Disclosure form PDF.

UWHC Individual's Consent To Disclosure Form

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