If you are having difficulties accessing information from the Employment Insurance Commission, we may be able to assist you in finding out information regarding your claim for benefits.

Examples may include:

- you are not able to get through to an agent when calling the Employment Insurance phone line
- you are not getting information in a timely manner
- the information provided by the Employment Insurance Commission is not clear
- your claim is not being processed in a timely manner

If you have a decision of the Employment Insurance Commission which affects you negatively, we may be able to assist you with representation at an appeal.

Examples may include:

- disqualification for quitting a job without just cause or losing your job due to misconduct
- penalties for false or misleading reporting of earnings while on claim
- disentitlement over availability for work or inadequate job search
- allocation of severance or other payments as earnings
- late applications for benefits or late appeals


We will consult with you to discuss the decision the Commission has made on your claim. If after our review we believe there are grounds for an appeal we will register one on your behalf.

Generally, within thirty days of having received your appeal registration you will have an appeal hear scheduled. Prior to this, we will have received all the information on your claim from the Commission. This is called the appeal docket.

We will review the appeal docket and the information contained in it with the claimant/appellant for accuracy. Any information or facts which are missing and which we feel should be presented to the appeal board will be detailed and presented in the appeal.

If any case law is required to support our arguments to the appeal board we will research it and present the cases to the appeal board. Over the years we have developed an comprehensive case law guide of decisions which are favourable to appellants.

We will attend the hearing with the appellant to make the representations, present new facts and discuss that legislation and law as it applies to the specific situation.

For detailed information on Employment Insurance appeals visit:

If you need other assistance, we can refer you to other organizations which could be of assistance to you.

Examples may include:

- referrals for education or training opportunities
- referrals to job posting and resume posting sites
- referrals to agencies which can assist with difficulties during the unemployment period.